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Information technology is essential to business processes. That’s why you need an IT company that knows how to align them.

Your IT Partnership Should Actually Be A Partnership

A company that focuses on quick fixes instead of personalized service isn’t much of a partner. Get a true partner in IT.

Why choose Bakersfield Networks as your IT company?

  • Move business forward with expertly tailored IT services that focus on getting you long-term results.
  • Reap the benefits of IT services fast with an onboarding process that takes less than 30 days.
  • Hear from our 24/7 helpdesk in 5 minutes on average if you have an IT emergency.
  • Get support on your terms. With our 2 service packages you only pay for the IT services you need.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that cybersecurity experts are monitoring your network 24/7/365.

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Why We Stand Above Other IT Services Companies


Minute average emergency response times


Years of client retention on average


Minutes or less average ticket resolution times

What Bakersfield Networks Has To Offer

Take Technology Off Your Plate

Unless you’re a trained IT specialist, managing technology isn’t what you want to be doing all day. Yet, executives and administrators are left doing exactly that at many small businesses without IT departments.

Give yourself and your team more hours every workday by hiring an IT company to take technology off your plate. Our team of trained experts can become your IT department if you don’t have one.

Outsourcing us is also significantly more budget-friendly than hiring full-time IT specialists in-house.

The Tailored Service All Support Companies Should Have

IT support should be… well, supportive. However, too many service desks simply aren’t. Clients are left on hold for hours only to be greeted by a canned response or unhelpful technical jargon.

At Bakersfield Networks, we strive to provide the supportive IT service that every helpdesk should have. All responses are based on your tailored service and our professional relationship with you.

So whenever you call, you can expect something much more meaningful than a canned response.

Streamline Your Cloud Solutions

Data accessibility is crucial to your business. It’s probably one of the main reasons why you adopted the cloud in the first place. Still, an unreliable server can hinder your data accessibility, which defeats the purpose.

Bakersfield Networks is here to bring the cloud closer to you. Our tailor-made cloud solutions ensure that your cloud-based email platforms, servers, and file storage are always at your fingertips.

Say goodbye to bottlenecks, and hello to seamless data access.

Email Solutions For Almost Any Platform

Email management can be overwhelming, especially if you have a large network. That doesn’t make it less important. A mismanaged inbox can easily leave an important message unchecked.

Whether you use Office 365 or a completely custom email solution, Bakersfield Networks can simplify email management for you. We can set up either a cloud-based or on-premise email system that’s catered to your specific business needs.

It’s time to embrace simplicity and improve efficiency.

Enhance Internal Communication With A Better Phone System Option

Dealing with an outdated business phone system can be a source of endless frustration. Missed calls, poor voice quality, and a lack of helpful features can quickly cause miscommunication.

You can leave those frustrations behind with a modern, up-to-date VoIP phone system. At Bakersfield Networks, we can help you procure the right phone solution for your business.

Once you’ve chosen it, we’ll also set it up and manage it so you don’t have to.

Get a True Business Partner

Trust a technology company that strives to do more than IT services. Choose one who's interested in your business success.

Bakersfield IT Company

Keep Ransomware Off Your Network

In 2021, 37% of businesses suffered a ransomware attack, and out of those 65% never got their data back. The best way to stay out of that 65% is by preventing a ransomware attack from happening in the first place.

You can do that with Bakersfield Networks. We provide 24/7 network monitoring so that whenever suspicious activity appears, someone is there to stop it.

We also provide business-grade antivirus and firewall software solutions to keep all forms of malware out of your system.

IT Firm in Bakersfield California

Be Ready For Anything

Preventative measures matter, but you also need to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Even if you have stellar malware protection, accidents, meltdowns, and natural disasters can all compromise your data.

Keep your data integrity intact with Bakersfield Networks. Our team performs regular backups, so you’ll always have an up-to-date version of your data on hand.

We’ll also consult your team to establish a solid disaster recovery plan to get all of your affected systems back on tack no matter what happens.

Bakersfield IT Company

Specialized IT Services For Education

We welcome new clients from any industry. However, we also offer specialized IT services for the education sector.

Alongside all the advantages of managed IT that any business can enjoy, we offer education facilities:

  • iPad & Chromebook management
  • Apple Classroom & Google Classroom management
  • GAM Chromebook Certification
  • PLTW setup & management
  • Web filtering
  • SIS systems
  • High Capacity WiFi for Classrooms, Cafeterias & Stadiums
  • School Paging, Bell, and Scheduling Systems

Bakersfield IT Company FAQ

At Bakersfield Networks, we offer 2 different service packages, standard and premium. So, the cost of our service will depend on which package you go with.

It may also be affected by:

  • Company size
  • Number of users
  • Complexity of your IT issues
  • What we need to do to help you

Request a quote to get a better estimate.

It’s quite common for companies to augment their IT department with outsourced IT services. There are a lot of benefits to this approach, including:

  • Fresh perspectives on how you could do things differently
  • More time for your IT department to work on exciting new projects
  • Better staff well-being with less burnout thanks to saved time
  • Someone to fill in if your in-house expert is out-of-office

In most cases, you won’t have to change your phone number when you switch to a VoIP system. Number porting is a simple process that involves migrating your current number to the new phone system.

However, please note that not all numbers are portable. Your number’s portability depends on:

  • Phone number type
  • Phone number’s geographical location
  • Your current phone service

Please consult your current phone provider to ask if your number is portable.

Bakersfield Networks welcomes clients from all industries. We also provide special services for education facilities and for businesses in the following industries:

  • Construction & Trades
  • Legal
  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Automotive
  • Solar Power

If your industry is not listed, please contact us to find out more about how we can tailor our service to you. You may also learn more about how we help these industries in our call.

Hiring an IT company does come with an upfront cost and a subscription fee. However, this is significantly more affordable than hiring additional full-time staff.

That’s because our IT company charges a predictable flat rate that’s easy to fit into your IT budget. You also won’t need to provide paid vacation time, sick leave, or benefits. Our company does that for our staff instead!