Key Benefits of Technology in The Workplace That Help You Stay Competitive


Modern workplaces are increasingly digital workplaces. On average, an American employee uses 2.5 devices for work. This shift highlights the importance of technology in the workplace. Technology supports employees by improving communication and efficiency.


“Using technology in today’s workforce is expected. Using it in innovative ways is what will truly make you stand out.” –  Brian Lynch, Chief Executive Officer, Bakersfield Networks


Additionally, technology gives your team the option to work remotely. Having that option can increase job satisfaction and widen your talent pool. It also helps in protecting sensitive information, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

However, one often overlooked benefit of technology in the workplace is how it can give your SMB a strong competitive edge. Some of the benefits we already mentioned are involved, but there’s much more that your business has to gain from them.

This article will explore what those benefits are. We’ll discuss some of the key ways that workplace technology is used and how you can leverage it to pull your SMB ahead of others.



Why Is It Important to Keep Up With Technology as a Business Owner?

Staying current with technology keeps you relevant and helps you reduce your risk of data breaches. Leveraged correctly, technology can also yield a 97% boost in productivity.

Customers today expect convenience, speed, and personalization, all of which are facilitated by the latest technological advancements. Furthermore, outdated technology is more expensive to maintain and more prone to cyber attacks.

You can also use IT services like 24/7 networking monitoring to ensure your technology stays up-to-date and free of vulnerabilities. Although it may vary based on industry, most businesses are able to improve productivity by outsourcing at least some of their IT management.


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6 Advantages of Technology in the Workplace That Enhance Your Competitiveness

1. Streamline Communication

Communication tools like instant messaging, video conferencing, and collaborative platforms help your employees share ideas more quickly and clearly. As a result, your business becomes better equipped to rapidly adapt to market changes.

Additionally, VoIP solutions help you deliver customer service to further locations for less cost. That’s because cloud-based phone systems significantly reduce international calling fees and are generally less intensive to maintain.

2. Enhance Data Security

Modern customers expect businesses to protect their data. Yet, SMBs are falling behind expectations. For instance, CloudSecureTech notes that 70% of internet traffic is encrypted, while only 17% of small businesses encrypt their data in cloud storage.

Therefore, you can stand out as an SMB by adding advanced cybersecurity measures to your systems. Showing customers that you take their data protection seriously will enhance their trust and make them less likely to switch to a competitor.

3. Automate Routine Tasks

You can increase productivity by automating some repetitive tasks. Automation tools manage duties like scheduling and inventory with precision, freeing your staff to focus on tasks that require more critical thinking and creativity. This shift both boosts employee productivity and fosters innovation.


Tips on How You Can Optimize Your Workplace Technology:


4. Facilitate Remote Work

Nearly 90% of job seekers view remote work options as a top priority to determine where to apply. Therefore, using technology to facilitate working from home or hybrid working will make your SMB more attractive to job seekers.

You can do this using tools such as virtual private networks, cloud computing, and task management software to enable your employees to work effectively from anywhere. Moreover, remote work setups generally have lower overall operational costs.

According to FasterCapital, these are the technologies that matter most if you want to support remote work.


5. Improve Customer Engagement

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and big data analytics provide deep insights into customer preferences and behavior. These insights enable real-time personalized service and tailored marketing strategies. This targeted approach can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty while increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

6. Support Data-Driven Decision-Making

Data technologies give you access to extensive information that can guide your strategic decisions. Business intelligence tools and analytics help you identify trends, forecast market changes, and make well-informed decisions. A data-centric strategy reduces risks and may capture hidden opportunities.

Ensure That All Technology in Your Workplace is Managed By Experts

An essential part of using technology in the workplace is having the right people to manage it. You won’t reap any of the competitive advantages we mentioned if your technological tools aren’t functioning properly.

If you don’t have the skills in-house, you can count on Bakersfield Networks to keep all your IT working as it should. We take proactive steps to prevent any issues from appearing, but our 24/7 IT support helpdesk is also available if ever you need us.

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