IT Support in Tulare

Leverage enterprise-level IT customer service on a cost-effective, small business-friendly budget.

Let Our Experts Problem Solve You to Success

Trust our superb support technicians to provide long-term solutions for any operating system.

Why choose Bakersfield Networks for IT support services?

  • Enjoy IT support plans that can cover both Windows and Apple devices.
  • Receive rapid emergency support responses within 5 minutes on average.
  • Get a long-term solution to any IT issue in approximately 30 minutes or less after your first call.
  • Give us a call any time of day or any day of the year and get your issues solved 24/7/365.
  • Trust experienced technicians from an IT support company that only hires tier 2 or higher.

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IT Support in Tulare

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What Makes Our Support Services Stand Out


Minute average emergency response times


Minute average resolution times


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Comprehensive IT Support Services

Quickly Solve Issues Without Leaving Your Desk

Dealing with IT issues can disrupt your day, leading to lost productivity and frustration. Your team needs immediate solutions without the hassle of leaving their workstations or waiting for onsite support.

At Bakersfield Networks, we offer a streamlined solution to this challenge. Our remote IT support allows your team to receive prompt and efficient help right from their desks.

Along with swift problem resolution, having this option cuts down on costs and improves resource allocation.

Solve Complex Problems Without Complexity

Facing highly technical problems can disrupt your business flow as they often require extensive time and resources to resolve. These complex issues can stall critical operations.

Bakersfield Networks can solve these intricate technical challenges with ease. Our expert team simplifies complex issues by providing clear, effective solutions without overcomplicating the process.

This approach also empowers your team with better understanding and control over your IT environment.

Ensure Data Integrity Across Your System

Maintaining uninterrupted access to your data is crucial. The thought of losing important data during IT reconfigurations or updates can easily become a source of worry, even if such incidents are rare.

Bakersfield Networks performs regular data backups as part of our normal procedure. We ensure that original copies of your data are securely stored.

So, if the resolution to a problem requires a reconfiguration or reinstallation, there’s no need to worry about losing data in the process.

Start Your IT Infrastructure Off on The Right Foot

Misconfigurations account for 10% of all data leaks and 99% of firewall breaches. Protecting your network and preventing IT disruptions begins the moment you start setting up your infrastructure.

Avoid the risk of misconfigurations by leaving your installations and configurations to us. Our expert team has deep insights into what setup errors could cause IT issues later, so we’re well-equipped to avoid them.

We can also help you implement updates in a way that minimizes workflow disruptions.

Maximize The Abilities of Your Cloud Resources

Effectively utilizing cloud resources is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in today’s business environment. Inadequate management of these resources can lead to inefficiencies and missed opportunities for optimization and growth.

At Bakersfield Networks, we specialize in elevating your cloud resource management.

Our team possesses the expertise necessary to not only handle your cloud resources but also to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness.

IT Support Isn’t An Afterthought

Work with a dedicated managed service provider who includes support in their service level agreement.

Experience Real Results With Our IT Support

IT Support in Tulare

Only Solve The Same IT Issue Once

Facing repeated IT issues is frustrating and time-consuming. These recurring problems often indicate a deeper underlying issue. That’s why a cycle of temporary fixes never seems to solve the problem.

Bakersfield Networks understands the importance of long-lasting solutions. Our IT support team doesn’t just treat the symptoms. We assess the root cause of each problem. This approach ensures that once an issue is resolved, it stays resolved.

Our focus on comprehensive solutions not only saves time but also increases your system’s reliability. There’s a good chance that the root cause issue was causing more than one recurring problem.

Tech Support Services in Tulare

All Information You Give Us Stays Secure

Modern hackers have evolved their tactics. Today, some are accessing data by tricking IT support desks into giving them sensitive information. You need assurance that your support provider isn’t prone to this risk.

At Bakersfield Networks, we prioritize your security above all. Our IT support team is rigorously trained to identify strange requests and avoid the kinds of mistakes that lead to cyber attacks.

We stay informed about the latest tactics used by hackers and ensure our responses safeguard your information effectively. Trust us to provide secure, reliable IT support.

IT Support in Tulare

Solve Pesky Hardware Issues Just As Easily

System outages often stem from hardware malfunctions, not just software glitches. That doesn’t make them any less of a disruption. You need IT support that can help you resolve issues that stem from either.

Bakersfield Networks offers a skilled team equipped to handle both hardware and software issues. These issues, whether with physical devices or cloud-based servers, require expert attention, and we’re here to provide it.

We focus on long-lasting solutions to ensure your systems operate smoothly.

Our Other IT Services in Tulare

  • Cybersecurity 
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Network Support


The cost of IT support from Bakersfield Networks varies based on the package you select, either standard or premium.

Additionally, factors like:

  • Your company’s size
  • The number of users requiring support
  • The complexity of your computer systems
  • Will influence the final cost of your service.

For a precise estimate tailored to your needs, we recommend requesting a quote from us.

Bakersfield Networks offers support to all computer users on your business network, not just to administrators.

We hold the belief that providing equal support to everyone on your team is crucial for enhancing productivity.

It’s important to note, though, that our support services are exclusively for devices related to your business operations and do not extend to personal devices.

Our IT support at Bakersfield Networks primarily targets small-to-medium-sized businesses. However, we are open to working with larger clients.

This flexibility ensures that as your small business grows, you won’t need to look for a new IT support provider.

We adapt our services to match the evolving needs of your business, regardless of its size.

At Bakersfield Networks, we recognize that certain IT challenges require a hands-on approach. While we take pride in our efficient remote support, we also understand the importance of onsite assistance for complex issues.

Our commitment is to ensure your operations run smoothly, so we offer both remote and onsite support services.

This dual approach prepares you to face any IT challenge, ensuring that we’re equipped to provide assistance.

Homes and businesses have different IT needs. Bakersfield Networks is specifically geared toward business IT needs. If you need assistance with a personal device, we encourage you to seek IT support services catered to this market.

However, we will troubleshoot any BYOD work devices connected to a client’s IT network.