Bakersfield Managed IT Services

When demands are high and resources are low, you can trust a reliable managed service provider in Bakersfield with your IT

We’ll Focus On IT, You Can Focus On Improving Your Business

Business continuity hinges on functional technology. Let us reduce any chance of interruptions.

Why choose Bakersfield Networks for managed services?

  • Take technology off your packed checklist, let IT experts do the work instead
  • Resolve system-stopping IT issues fast with our 5 minute average emergency response times
  • Gain peace of mind with our 0 data loss guarantee for regular data backups
  • Get IT solutions that actually make sense with a partner that tailors service to your industry and business
  • Stop wasting time fixing IT problems, instead let our team find a solution in 30 minutes or less on average

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IT Services in Bakersfield

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Features of Our Managed Services in Bakersfield

IT Management

Leave the IT to us so you can free up your resources and focus on your core business priorities.

Cloud Services

Boost operational efficiency with custom cloud solutions tailored to your business and industry needs.

Technical Support

Enjoy friendly, responsive IT support that’s both tech-savvy and people-savvy.

Network Monitoring

On average, companies lose 545 hours of employee productivity to network downtime. Let us prevent that with 24/7 network monitoring.

IT Consulting

Maximize business growth with expert IT consulting that prioritizes innovative, performance-enhancing solutions.

Disaster Recovery

Prepare for anything with robust disaster recovery services that help you swiftly bounce back from any IT catastrophe.

Web Filtering

Protect your network and set standards by controlling what sites can be accessed on your premises.

Infrastructure Setup

Get expert help upgrading or installing your IT infrastructure based on industry best practices.

Long-Range Wi-Fi

Ensure uninterrupted service and extend your network reach with long-range Wi-Fi solutions.

Our Managed IT Services in Bakersfield by The Numbers


Minute average emergency response times


Years average client retention rate


Helpdesk services

IT Services Provider in Bakersfield
That Improve Your Business

Improving your business should mean improving their services, not changing how you do things. Contact Bakersfield Networks to get that support.

managed service provider (MSP) in Bakersfield

Choose Your
Managed Services Model

A common risk with managed IT services is getting locked into a contract that forces you to pay for services that you don’t need.

With Bakersfield Networks, that’s not an issue. We offer 2 service tiers so you can choose what’s best for your business without the unneeded lock-in.

Choose between:

  • Standard if you need a pick-and-choose model with labor billed separately.
  • Premium if you want all of our IT services in one convenient flat-rate subscription.
Bakersfield Managed IT Services Provider

Work With
A True Business Partner

Too many IT companies are more interested in selling their services than in actually helping you. This can cause them to push technology solutions onto you that might not make much sense for your business.

At Bakersfield Networks, we do things differently. You steer the ship, we just help you navigate.

Our focus is on understanding your unique business needs and vision, and aligning our IT services to support them. We want you to succeed, not just give us money.

Bakersfield’s Managed Services

Managed Service Offerings

One-size-fits-all IT solutions often fall short. That’s why Bakersfield Networks offers services tailored to the unique needs of various industries.

Alongside the same great managed IT services any business can benefit from, we provide special services to the following industries:

  • Education
  • Construction & Trades
  • Legal Services
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Automotive
  • Solar Power

If you’re in one of these industries, please contact us to ask about our top-tier IT services in Bakersfield.

FAQ About Our Bakersfield IT Services

Our customizable service packages are for your convenience, but it also means that your cost will vary. The actual price of our service depends on what you choose.

It may also depend on:

  • The size of your company
  • The number of users we need to support
  • The complexity of your IT needs
  • What we need to do to help you

You’ll need to request a quote to get a precise estimate.

Many businesses use outsourced IT services to help their own IT team. The extra set of hands is a great way to give them more time for new projects and prevent burnout.

A managed services provider can also offer new perspectives based on their experience with other companies. This can help give you and your IT team a competitive edge.

Bakersfield Networks guarantees the following response times depending on the priority of your ticket.

  • Emergency: under 30 minutes
  • High: under 2 hours
  • Standard: under 4 hours

Please remember that these guarantees are our maximum response times. We usually answer much quicker. Don’t expect to wait as long as the guaranteed time.

Most people who work at an MSP have extensive experience assisting other companies in a wide range of industries.

That means that you’ll get IT services from someone who is used to aligning technology with business goals. This is much different than someone whose sole focus is the most efficient IT option.

Paying for a managed services provider does come with upfront costs and a subscription-based fee. However, these costs are significantly cheaper than hiring more full-time staff.

This is because MSPs ask for a set amount that you can plan for in your IT budget. Plus, you don’t have to worry about paying for things like holidays, time off when sick, or other perks.