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IT is there to make your business processes faster and easier. If it’s not, you can ask us how to make IT do its job.

Optimize Your IT Strategy with Our Consulting Services in Bakersfield

An IT strategy isn’t helpful if it doesn’t fit your business model. Talk to consultants who take your needs into consideration.

Why choose Bakersfield Networks for IT consulting?

  • Don’t let IT consultants force a solution on you, work with ones who only provide advice that fits
  • Get after-hours advice from our 24/7 helpdesk and hear a response in as little as 5 minutes for emergencies
  • Be up and running with our consultants sooner with a structured 30-day onboarding process
  • Enhance your network security strategy with IT consulting from network administration experts
  • Resolve IT issues in 30 minutes or less on average and see how we can stop them from resurfacing

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What Makes Our IT Consulting in Bakersfield Stand Out


Minute average response times for emergency calls


Years of client retention on average


Years providing stellar technology consulting services

IT Consulting Services We Provide in Bakersfield

See What Your Computer Network Is Capable Of

In the increasingly digital business landscape, your IT network has become an essential asset to let your workers work. Yet, downtime and slow performance can hinder productivity instead of help.

That may not mean you need to change your network, it might just mean that you need to make some adjustments.

Bakersfield Networks can evaluate your network and offer advice. We’ll let you know what you can do to improve your network’s performance or tell you if it’s time for an upgrade.

Establish A Practical IT Strategy

There’s a lot that goes into an IT strategy plan, but you shouldn’t just add something to your plan because everyone else is doing it. Everything in your IT strategy should be a practical choice that propels your business forward.

Our seasoned consultants help you leverage the right technology the right way. We’ll work with your team to establish an IT strategy that makes sense for your business.

We’ll also make sure that your IT strategy is adaptable, so you can face future changes head-on.

Fortify Your Cybersecurity Defenses

Cybersecurity is not an option, it’s a necessity. Most business owners realize this, but 59% of small business owners have no formal cybersecurity measures in place due to the misguided belief that they’re too small to be a target.

Don’t fall for that. Hackers rely on that misguided belief to let them infiltrate small businesses more easily. Instead, trust our information security consultants to help you fortify your defenses.

Turn the tables on cybercriminals with Bakersfield Networks.

Get More From Your Cloud Servers

The cloud holds immense potential, but harnessing it effectively requires expertise. Even if you have that expertise in-house, it takes time to learn how to configure and manage a new server.

Bakersfield Networks offers cloud consulting services designed to help you get more from the cloud. We’ll ensure your servers aren’t just for storage, but also for efficiency, scalability, and innovation.

Whether you’re headed to the cloud or already there, let us show you how to unlock its full potential.

Discover The True Power Of VoIP Phone Systems

Outdated, inflexible, traditional phone systems can quickly cause communication barriers. Dropped calls, poor sound quality, and costly long-distance calls can all contribute to miscommunication.

VoIP phone systems can help reduce these issues. If you’re considering switching, our consultants can analyze your specific needs, help you choose the right solution, and guide you towards a seamless integration.

If you’re already using VoIP and want extra help, we can do that too!

Align Your IT Strategy With Modern Expectations

Information technology is changing, is your business up-to-date?

Bakersfield IT Consulting Services

Get Advice That Makes Sense For Your Business

An information technology consulting firm should help you align your IT with your business goals. Their aim shouldn’t be to push you into the latest IT trends if it doesn’t make sense for your business.

At Bakersfield Networks, we won’t do that. Our goal is to help you, not change you. Our consultants do keep up with emerging trends, but we’ll only recommend them to you if we think they’ll help you meet your objectives.

Do digital transformation your way, and see long-term results with a better ROI.

IT consultants in Bakersfield

Make The Most Of Your IT Budget

According to Gartner, global IT spending is expected to hit $4.6 trillion in 2023. Clearly, business owners are spending a lot on IT. The problem is that a lot of that money is overspent on unnecessary solutions.

Keep your IT budget under control by asking our experts how you can better allocate your resources. We’ll examine your current solutions and show you where you can save and where you will need to spend.

All of our advice will go beyond short-term fixes. We want you to make the most of your budget now and in the future.

IT Consultancy Firm in Bakersfield

Meet Project Deadlines With Ease

Whenever you launch an exciting new initiative, your project manager gets busy. They have to worry about juggling team members, tasks, and maintaining their own responsibilities.

They can talk to our project consultants to learn more about how to manage their time and your budget more effectively. Our advice will help empower them to take your projects to the finish line without exceeding deadlines or cost.

Learn how to simplify your most complex projects by leaning on our recommendations.

Bakersfield IT Consulting FAQ

Bakersfield Networks offers 2 service tiers, Standard and Premium. Therefore, the cost of our services will be determined by the package you select.

It might also depend upon:

  • Your company’s size
  • The number of users we need to support
  • What you need help with
  • What we need to do to help you

Please request a quote to receive a precise estimate.

IT consulting is a process where a specialist assesses your business’s IT environment and pinpoints areas that could use an enhancement.

Based on this evaluation, they develop a strategic plan that aligns your technology with your business goals. They then help you implement this plan to address any areas that require improvement.

An IT consultant guides businesses on how to leverage technology effectively to achieve their goals. Comparatively, a tech consultant zeroes in on specific technical issues and suggests appropriate solutions.

There is some overlap between these two roles. Indeed, many IT consultants also diagnose and solve IT issues. The key distinction is the focus on business objectives, which is more pronounced in the role of an IT consultant.

You might need IT consulting if:

  • You’re facing the same tech issues repeatedly
  • Your operating systems are out-of-date
  • You’re dealing with slow network performance
  • Your employees can’t work because of unreliable devices
  • You’re struggling with cybersecurity

In other words, you should consider IT consulting any time technology problems hinder your business growth or productivity.

Outsourced IT consultants bring a fresh perspective to your company and might have specialized expertise not found in-house. They also stay updated with the latest trends and can provide unbiased advice.

At many organizations, in-house staff or a managed service provider take care of day-to-day operations while IT consultants focus on strategic improvements.