IT Network Support in Bakersfield, California

Your business is unique, so your network is too. Let us evaluate your existing network systems and offer tailored solutions.

Keep Complex Networks Under Control

Ensure your networks operate correctly with IT experts who can easily manage large, complicated systems.

Why choose Bakersfield Networks for business network support?

  • Trust technicians that can help scale your computer systems to match your business growth
  • Contact our 24/7 support helpdesk and get a response in 5 minutes on average if it’s an emergency
  • Upgrade your network with expert assistance and advice on what you need to increase efficiency
  • Get support for both the software and hardware involved in your computer network
  • Make the most of IT network services sooner thanks to our average 30-day onboarding process

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IT Network Support Services in Bakersfield

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Why Our IT Network Support in Bakersfield Stand Out


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What Bakersfield’s Computer Network Support Specialists Can Do

Don’t Give Hackers Anywhere To Hide

Network breaches aren’t always about stealing what’s there. Many hackers use business networks as a hideout spot so they can infiltrate another network connected to your system.

Don’t let them do that. Trust the team at Bakersfield Networks to watch your networks at all hours and respond to any suspicious activity. If someone tries to use your network this way, we’ll catch them red handed and stop them before they do damage.

Resolve Network Issues With Friendly Support Specialists

Customer service requires communication skills. Yet, it seems that many network support companies forget that IT support is customer service. You can’t go far with a technician that doesn’t know how to speak to you.

At Bakersfield Networks, relationship-building is one of our top priorities. We believe that this practice trickles right down to our support calls. So, all of our staff are trained to be friendly, personable, and supportive throughout your call.

Prioritize Proactive Network Maintenance To Ensure Consistency

In some ways, your IT network is like your car or appliances. You need to give it a regular tune-up to ensure consistent functionality. These preventative maintenance measures also cost a lot less than fixing it if it breaks.

If that seems like too much time and effort, you can let us do that job. Our team provides consistent network management and maintenance services so you never have to worry about missing a tune-up. Keep everything up and running and reduce business disruptions.

Say Goodbye To Tangled Messes

Disorganized cables are unsightly at best and a safety hazard at worst. They’re also more prone to damage from knots and bends in the wire which increases the amount you spend on replacing them.

Look towards the team at Bakersfield Networks to help you say goodbye to that tangled mess. If you’re in the Bakersfield region, we can come by your office to redo your cabling system so you can get more use out of every wire.

Give Your Network A Makeover

Information technology constantly changes. Whenever there’s a big new update, it could mean that your current infrastructure can no longer run a critical function.

If you’re worried about that happening, we can take a look. If our experts determine that your computer network needs an update, we can also help you do it.

Our team has a wealth of experience with various internet systems and the hardware that runs them. Surely, we can find something that fits your business perfectly.

Reduce Network Problems Now & In The Future

When our network support technicians fix a problem, they’ll also see what can be done to stop it from resurfacing.

IT Network Support in Bakersfield California

Minimize Network Downtime To Maximize Productivity

The average business loses 14 hours of productivity per year to network outages. That’s 14 hours that could have been spent taking a product to the finish line or helping an irate customer.

Take those 14 hours back by letting our team proactively prevent downtime causing network issues. When we monitor your systems we prevent potential downtime-causing issues from ever occurring

It’ll be business-as-usual for everyone on your business network.

Network Services in Bakersfield CA

Knock Out Network Issues Before They Become Bigger Problems

It doesn’t take long for a tiny problem to become a big issue. Most hackers say that they can steal everything they need in less than 5 hours.

When that clock starts ticking, there’s no time to hesitate. This is the biggest advantage of 24/7/365 network monitoring services. You can’t wait until working hours to react, by then it might be too late.

Whenever anyone on the Bakersfield Networks team sees suspicious activity, we spring into action. This neutralizes tiny issues before they have time to grow.

IT Network Services in Bakersfield

Keep Your Network HIPAA-Compliant

If you work in the healthcare industry, maintaining HIPAA compliance is crucial to your business. Without the right network services, it’s all too easy to accidentally violate regulations.

Trust Bakersfield Networks to uphold HIPAA compliance when we take over your network management. We can set up and manage high encryption data servers so all sensitive patient information stays secure.

While we’re monitoring your healthcare network, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for compliance violations as much as we will for potential cyber threats.

Bakersfield Network Support FAQ

Bakersfield Networks offers 2 service packages, standard and premium. So, the price of our services will depend on your chosen package.

It may also depend on:

  • Your company size
  • Your network size
  • The complexity of your network
  • The number of end users we need to support

Request a quote to get an exact estimate.

Our network IT support services can easily compliment what your IT team is already doing. It’s quite common for companies to have in-house network admins and an outsourced network support partner.

We can take over your network 24/7, which is something that most full-time employees on a 9-5 schedule can’t do. We can also add new perspectives to your internal processes to help your team improve their operations.

Our technicians employ advanced network monitoring tools that operate continuously, scanning for irregularities and potential issues. These tools alert our team to any anomalies, regardless of the hour, enabling swift action to prevent and address problems.

Additionally, we have rotating shifts to ensure technicians are always on standby. This way, we can guarantee that your network gets the attention it needs 24/7.

If you’re experiencing:

  • Frequent slow performance
  • Inability to support new applications
  • Frequent crashes
  • New security issues
  • Inability to support new devices
  • Integration issues

It might be time to upgrade your network.

Alternatively, if your business is in a period of rapid growth, you may want to consider an upgrade to ensure it scales.

We’ll gladly troubleshoot IT issues with your end users. Our service doesn’t end with who runs your network, it’s also there for everyone who uses it.

This approach ensures that your team’s productivity stays strong. Even if you have the best running network in the world, it won’t help much if no one knows how to use it.

You’re more than welcome to share our support contact information with any user who uses your system.