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Streamline your business communications with a lower phone bill by switching to efficient VoIP services.

Make The Most of Every Phone Call With VoIP’s Advanced Features

Choose Bakersfield Networks to ensure consistent, reliable service from your communication platform.

Why choose Bakersfield Networks for VoIP services?

  • Keep your VoIP system operational by contacting our 24/7 VoIP support desk to get answers when needed
  • Hear back from a live support agent in 30 minutes or less if something goes wrong with your VoIP phone
  • Count on an established VoIP service provider who has been in business for over 24 years
  • Unify your communication system to make interactions easier even while working remotely
  • Transfer incoming calls to the right person seamlessly with a fast and efficient cloud phone system

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Our Specialized Phone Services

Superior Call Quality Without Expensive Infrastructure

Analog landline systems often require significant upfront investment and ongoing maintenance, making them a heavy burden for many businesses.

At Bakersfield Networks, we understand the need for high-quality, cost-effective communication solutions.

Our cloud-based VoIP service offers superior call quality at a fraction of the cost of analog systems. With our easy-to-implement and scalable solution, you can enjoy the benefits of advanced technology without expensive infrastructure.

Enjoy The Security & Efficiency of Hosted PBX Solutions

Manual PBX systems rely on physical hardware, making them less adaptable to fast-paced changes. They are also generally less secure than hosted PBX alternatives.

Bakersfield Networks offers an on-premise hosted PBX solution to help you avoid those challenges. Engineered for maximum security and efficiency, our services mitigate these risks and introduce new benefits.

We can also help you prevent unauthorized calls and data loss in the unlikely event of network compromise.

Reduce The Risk of Dropped Calls 

On average, 30% of the time allocated for video meetings is lost to technical glitches and user errors. This loss of valuable time leaves teams disconnected and tasks delayed.

At Bakersfield Networks, we recognize the importance of seamless communication. Our video conferencing solution is designed to cut down on wasted time by providing clear video and audio quality, coupled with user-friendly navigation.

That means fewer technical interruptions and more productive meetings.

Switch to Your New System Without The Headaches

Upgrading your phone system can often feel overwhelming. The fear of making the wrong choice and the installation complexities deter many business owners from making a necessary upgrade.

Bakersfield Networks prioritizes understanding your business and the challenges you face. This deep dive into your needs allows us to recommend the most suitable VoIP features and functionalities for you.

We’ll stick by you every step of the way from product selection to installation to user training.

Stop Wasting Time Updating Contacts

Changing your organization’s phone number can disrupt communication and waste valuable time as you update contacts and notify clients. This is especially challenging when expanding to new cities, where a region-specific number might be necessary.

Choosing Bakersfield Networks for SIP trunking solves this problem. You can keep your existing phone number regardless of the original provider or region.

Our service enables quick adaptation, allowing for the easy addition of new numbers.

Keep Your Phone System in Peak Condition By Leaving its Management to Us

Managing business communication systems can be a massive task. These systems are constantly evolving networks that require continuous attention to keep your clients and staff connected.

Bakersfield Networks offers a solution through our telecom managed services. We provide the expertise and resources needed to keep your communication systems running smoothly.

Our service is a smart, cost-effective way to ensure your technology stays up-to-date and performs at its best.

Voice-Over Internet Protocol Isn’t Just For Call Centers

Businesses of any size and in any industry can benefit from simpler communication systems.

Why Choose Bakersfield Networks VoIP Over Traditional Telephone?

VoIP Services

Scale Your Communication System to Your Growing Business

Scaling communication systems to match business growth presents a challenge. As companies expand, they often struggle with the limitations of their current phone systems.

As a result, many face high costs and unneeded complexities when trying to add new team members or offices.

That won’t be a problem when you choose Bakersfield Networks for VoIP services. Our customizable and scalable system allows you to add features and options as needed.

Whether you’re expanding or need to scale back, our service adapts to your current needs.

VoIP Services in Bakersfield, CA

Enhance The Mobility & Flexibility of Your Phone Lines

Traditional phone systems often limit mobility by tying employees to their desks. That won’t work in a world where 40.9% of Americans work outside the office in some capacity.

Bakersfield Networks addresses these challenges with a VoIP system that enhances mobility and flexibility. Our phone service allows employees to answer office calls on any mobile device, ensuring they remain connected wherever they work.

Additionally, our single-number reach means customers can contact you through one number, no matter your location.

VoIP Services in Bakersfield

Make & Receive Calls For a Fraction of The Cost

High costs of international calling on analog landlines are a significant burden for businesses. These expenses can increase, especially for companies with global clients or teams.

Bakersfield Networks offers a VoIP system that cuts down these costs dramatically. Our technology enables free or significantly reduced rates for international calls while enhancing overall call quality.

By switching to our service, businesses can enjoy clear, reliable communication worldwide at a fraction of the cost.

Let us show you how to improve your business communication without breaking your budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A phone system usually lasts about 5 years. After this period, the risk of it failing increases. Newer systems are more reliable and less likely to fail, protecting your business from disruptive and costly emergencies.

Additionally, upgrading your phone system offers new features that make your business more flexible, efficient, and productive.

When you switch your office phone system to VoIP, you don’t usually have to change your phone number. You can keep your original number through a process called number porting.

However, it’s important to note that not all phone numbers are eligible for porting. Portability varies based on:

  • Phone number type
  • Phone number’s geographical location
  • Your current phone service

Bakersfield Networks can assist you in moving your phone system to a new branch. In most cases, we would need to add a direct line with another phone number for the new branch and integrate it into your current system.

This setup allows us to direct incoming calls to a centralized location, which can be anywhere you want.

The internet bandwidth you need for VoIP depends on how many users you have and how much you use it.

You need at least 100 kbps of bandwidth for a high-quality VoIP call. If you have more users, you’ll need more bandwidth.

For a small business with 10-15 employees, a broadband connection offering 20 Mbps of download speed should suffice.

You can have private or direct lines when you choose Bakersfield Networks. We can set up direct lines using a traditional telephone system through ISDN-PRI or SIP technology.

This flexibility allows us to tailor your phone system to meet your specific needs, whether you’re looking for dedicated lines for key team members or need to ensure privacy and direct access for certain departments.